What is M5azn WMS?

M5azn WMS is a system that enables you to manage inventory operations from start to finish, comprehensively tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, deliveries, managing and organizing them, all the way to tracking goods during transit between locations, receiving new items, and managing inventory operations such as picking, packing, shipping, preventing product expiration and damage, and ensuring your product inventory remains stocked.

Which platforms are integrated with the WMS system?

The system seamlessly integrates with various e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce, Zid, Tawsaa, Magento, WordPress, Matajer, and Shopify.

Which delivery companies are integrated with the WMS system?

The system works with most delivery and shipping companies, including Aramex, SMSA Express, Naqeel Express, and J&T Express. You just need to input the required details from the shipping company and start shipping orders.

What is the mission of M5azn WMS?

The system serves several functions to help you easily manage your inventory, including:

  • Classifying and recording inventory in the system.
  • Storing items in warehouses and organizing them securely and properly.
  • Managing receipt, inspection, and returns.
  • Safeguarding materials and products to prevent damage and loss.
  • Monitoring inventory quantities and costs.
  • Conducting inventory counts.
  • Managing transfers between warehouses and shipping companies.
  • Generating daily, monthly, and yearly reports.